Finding suitable rubber flooring for your floors is not an easy task. You have to take many things into consideration like qualities of rubber flooring, its durability etc. A right kind of rubber flooring will not only save your floor from any potential damage but also provides complete safety and protection against possible slips and falls.

With at you service, it is no longer difficult to find the flooring which you are looking for. We offer you exclusive and wide variety of rubber flooring rolls and rubber flooring tiles which will beautify your place while making it safe and anti-slip.

Many of the home owners as well as commercial users choose rubber flooring for their place because of its durability, low cost of maintenance, easy cleaning, anti –slip properties which makes it an ideal choice to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Our outdoor rubber flooring is manufactured from the high grade recycled rubber according to the international standards and is tested under extremely high pressure. This makes it ideal for high traffic and weight areas like corridors, gyms, offices, stores, shopping malls etc. Our rubber flooring range is extremely easy to fix and install so that it can fit any place with convenience. It possesses supreme anti-slip qualities with durability and resilience. In addition to this, our rubber flooring rolls possess anti-fatigue qualities which give ultimate comfort to your feet while walking on the floor. Our flooring also has shock absorbent qualities and is exclusively manufactured to provide comfortable and cushioned flooring surface. It is enough hard wearing to keep your floor in good condition for many years. It will resist almost everything which you throw on the floor in routine life. It can even resist the bumps and scrapes which may be caused by some heavy machinery or vehicle or any equipment.

We not just provide you with outdoor rubber flooring but we also offer a broad array of rubber floor tiles which can be easily fixed at any place. You can place them in playgrounds, at offices, at your gym or at your shop or at any moisture prone place. These rubber floor tiles are known for their water-resistant and anti-slip qualities. Our tiles give toughness to your floor while making it stain resistance. These tiles are very convenient to maintain and can be easily wiped cleaned.

Expressmatting offers wide range of high class rubber flooring at budget friendly prices, available in vast variety and elegant color palettes with fabulous variety of textures. We have something for every area of your home or business premises. When you will invest in our rubber flooring range you will definitely not regret your decision as it has a strength to withstand the high demands of a busy and fast daily life at home, at your office or at industrial places.

No matter what is your budget or your requirements, we have the rubber flooring and rubber tiles which will exactly fit your needs for both commercial and domestic use. So have an inspired living with our mesmerizing rubber flooring range.