Rubber Stable Matting

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Heavy Duty rubber agricultural matting has been specially designed for use as animal flooring, from the top surface to the underside.

The ‘bubble’ design on the top provides excellent anti-slip properties, even when wet.

Despite their durable strength, these mats are soft enough to provide a high degree of anti-fatigue. This increases the comfort of animals or anything or anyone else standing on them for any length of time.

The NR/SBR rubber compound used in their construction is non-porous and non-absorbent, so liquids will not cause them to swell, curl, or lift. This also means they can be cleaned with any standard products, and mess can simply be brushed away.

The ribbed / channelled underside allows and greatly increases drainage.

Our amoebic rubber matting is dust, spore, smell, and allergy-free for both humans and horses, making them perfect for use in stables and other equine environments.

  • Highly durable – resists damage from hooves and trotters
  • Bubble pattern on top surface provides anti-slip, even when wet
  • Non-porous and non-absorbent
  • Urine-proof
  • Dust, spore, smell, and allergy-free
  • Channelled / broad rib bottom for drainage
  • Gives cushioning underfoot and reduces the strain from standing
  • Reduces amount of bedding needed
  • Provides additional warmth and insulation
  • Quick and easy to clean with standard products


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