Round Stud Rubber Flooring Rolls B

Title: 10m x 1.0m x 3.0mm Black
Sale price£149.51



Exclusive rubber flooring available in 9 different colours. Express rubber flooring is non slip and suitable for outdoor use, the Express rubber flooring range. Rubber Flooring & matting the way you want it.

  •  Neat, smart & Attractive pattern
  •  Long Lasting & durable rubber
  •  High Slip resistant multi-directional patterned surface
  •  Impression finish anti-creep reverse
  •  Good floor to foot cold insulation properties

Thickness:  3mm, 4mm and 6mm

Various Roll sizess Available:

10 meters by 1 meter

10 meters by 1.2 meter

10 meters by 1.5 meters

10 meters by 2.2 meters


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