Momentive General Purpose Silicone Adhesives

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  • Continuous operating temperature of 204°C or 260°C (Intermittent). Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Not for use in delicate electrical and electronic applications in which corrosion of copper, brass, or other sensitive metals is undesirable.
  • Can be used in food contact applications where FDA regulations apply. Reference CDS4319 "Food Contact Applications", "Silicone Rubber Compounds". Tack free time 20mins, 3 to 7 days thorough cure time.
  • RTV102, RTV106 and RTV108 sealants will bond to many clean surfaces without the aid of primers.
  • These surfaces typically include many metals, glass, ceramic, silicone rubber and some rigid plastics.
  • These adhesive sealant products will also produce fair bonds to organic rubber and to some flexible plastics not containing fugitive plasticizers (which migrate to the surface, impairing adhesion).
  • An evaluation should be made to determine bond strength for each specific application.
  • For difficult-to-bond substrates, use of a primer is suggested.


  • Paste. Sealing heating elements, gasketing, electrical insulation and other high temperature applications.


  • Paste. Excellent for insulating, sealing, bonding and formed-in-place gaskets for silicone products.

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